Ahmed Hassan

Hey, I'm Ahmed, I was born & raised in the Grand Montreal area and started my journey as a Digital Marketer in 2013 and have been dealing with commercial sales and copywriting for 11 years now. Working with business owners to organize and optimize their workflows was the foundation of my entrepreneurial adventures and never have I ever doubted I would become a business owner myself. Ok maybe not my entire life, but since the age of 14 I've been managing clients and making sales with the people around me who saw my hunger for growth. Give me a call, I love connecting with entrepreneurs and helping them grow. I've been there and I know there's a lot of fast moving elements in the online world. That's why I give so much value at such affordable prices, good business for you means good business for me :)

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I'm creating a Beginner Digital Marketing Course

my Mission

Digital Marketing isn't the future, it's the present. You may think that an online business is complicated to start, well it is. The thing is, it's not just an online business that's tough, it's any business. The fact that you can create a company and run it through your laptop, without paying for rent, employees (in the beginning obviously), tons of equipment and most probably, having to get a bank loan, is a huge opportunity we never had the chance to pursue in the past. So why wait and see the inevitable pass right in front of your eyes? Give me a call, we can chat about your project any time 😉

my Mission
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"Good Business For You, means Good Business For Me"


I wanna help you Succeed Online

My mission is real simple, make sure you get paid for the hard work you put into your company. It's a win-win, your business grows and so does mine.

"Good Business for You, means Good Business for me"

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Experience what digital can do for you. Your business has been begging for this call since the beginning of the pandemic. The dramatic shift to online is now, and you don't want to miss it.

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Watch how I had helped FastCo grow 67% in one year

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